As a child, Pat Gasparro dreamed of becoming an architect.  A creative thinker who loves aesthetics and working in a hands-on environment, his interests took him in several career directions. Pat applied his creative skills and passion to his first venture, a trendsetting hair studio in Oakville, winning numerous awards as well as accolades from clients and the media alike. It was a great success, but even after opening multiple locations, Pat couldn’t shake the urge to get into the home design business. He had been designing and building for himself for years, honing his skills as a hobby and creative outlet, but in 2008, Pat made it official. Collaborating with established architect David Small, Pat built his first custom home in Southeast Oakville with exceptional results – a gorgeous house that sold immediately. Seven years later, it serves as a model home and the inspiration to many other projects.

Pat’s latest design masterpiece, featured in Our Homes Magazine, has created much buzz in the Southeast Oakville neighbourhood and created significant recognition among builders, contractors and designers. Thrilled with the path his career has taken, Pat believes that home design is more than just a job – it’s an element within him that consistently fulfils and pushes him. He is continually challenging himself to do more, making each home greater and more beautiful than the last. While the hair salon remains a successful business in operation today, Pat’s vision for the future is in custom home design and the endless possibilities of that world. His ultimate dream is that one day, his three sons will take over the family business with as much care and enthusiasm as he feels today.